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I am seeking 5 women in the Worcestershire area to work through a programme of 6, weekly one hour appointments. The absolute aim and proposed outcome of these sessions is to positively impact on the experience of pain women feel in relation to their chronic pelvic pain. I am offering these 5 women the sessions […]

Is it time to seek help? Have you been wondering about making changes within the intimate side of your relationship but are not sure how to proceed? The thing is, if you do nothing about it, it is unlikely to change. As scary as that first step may be in seeking help- once you’ve done […]

If you are a young man and you have noticed a reduction in the effectiveness of your erections, this may be as a direct result from watching too much porn! To understand the link between your erections and what you are viewing and to sort out the negative impact this is having on your sex […]

As the nights draw in, there seems to be more time to focus on ourselves. Utilise this time to get your sex life in order! Please contact me for details on the ‘Autumn Special’  so that you can kick start the process to a happier and more fulfilling intimate relationship.

The most frequent problem I help couples with is when one or both partners have gone off sex. If this sound like you, please get in touch to see how I can help you get your sexual relationship back on track. Many people suffer for far too long without seeking help but feel so much […]

Many couples face problems at some stage within their intimate relationships. Once you get stuck in a rut, it becomes incredibly difficult to get out and communication becomes strained so you end up in a ‘stale mate’ situation. Acknowledging that there is something wrong is the first step to positive change. Please contact me to […]

For couples and individuals looking to start sex therapy treatment during the month of April, I am offering their fifth session free. This is a saving of £45!  Please contact me on either of the above telephone numbers to discuss this offer and to see how I can help you. Now is the time to […]

Do you need some help in understanding why you are experiencing compulsive sexual behaviours? Is your viewing of pornography getting out of hand and impacting on family time? Then please contact me on either of the above telephone numbers to discuss how I can help.

The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity  (ATSAC) are at the forefront of UK training and research. Having completed their Professional Certificate I am one of a small number of therapists in the UK who can treat people within the complex field of sex addiction.  So if any of your sexual activities […]

Being centrally located in Worcestershire, just 3 miles from Droitwich Spa and set within beautiful surroundings, there is no better place for you to come to for the help and support you need to improve the intimate side of your relationships. For further information, please contact me via the enquiry form or telephone me on […]