Fees and Info

Q)           How many sessions will I need?

A)           The aim is to help you reach realistic goals as soon as you can. Generally people have between 8 and 15 sessions of therapy, some have fewer and some have many more. This is dependent on many individual factors that will be discussed once the relevant information has been gathered to inform the therapist of the likely complexity of your presentation.

.Q)           How much do the sessions cost?

A)           Sessions for an individual cost £60

               Sessions for a couple cost £70

They also cost your time and commitment, so be as generous as you can.

Payment can be made by card, cash or by bank transfer.

Q)           When do I pay?

A)           You pay for your sessions at the end of each session. 

Q)           Do you have a cancellation policy?

A)           Yes. Where possible please provide 24 hours notice for an appointment you need to cancel. If this notice is not given the therapist reserves the right to ask for part or the whole of the session cost.

Q)           How long is each session?

A)           The length of a standard session is 50 minutes. You may need a 90 minute session sometimes which will be discussed (for example an EMDR Therapy processing session).

Q)           How frequent do the sessions need to be?

A)          People are seen either weekly or fortnightly but in order to support you most effectively, the sessions must be regular. I also see some clients monthly as maintenance. 

Q)           Will I/we be asked to do sexual things in front of the therapist?

A)           No you will not. Tasks may be set for you as an individual or as a couple to practice but you will do these in the comfort of your own home between therapy sessions.

Q)           Is there parking available?

A)           Yes. There is free parking available at the premises.

Q)           Do you have toilet facilities?

A)          Yes, nearby.

Q)           Do I need to be aware of technical language or the ‘correct terms’ for aspects relating to my attendance?

A)           No you don’t. I would hope that you find me very down to earth and are able to speak freely about what is happening for you. I will always check your understanding of specific tasks, to ensure you know what is expected of you.