Seeking help for a sexual problem can be a difficult step to take as our sexual lives are personal and private. Wide ranging experience working in this area has ensured that I am comfortable discussing all aspects of sex and sexuality in an open, safe and respectful way.

I hope you find the information you have been looking for within these pages. I have worked in this field for many years and feel very privileged to be able to help and support people faced with sexual difficulties and reduce the negative impact that these can have on intimate relationships. Generally life can be tricky enough and we should find joy and peace within such special relationships, not more stress. Through regular professional development and research I have a wealth of experience utilising many different therapeutic models to help you achieve such positive change. See below for the latest news items…

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Are you a woman who experiences Chronic Pelvic Pain?

I am seeking 5 women in the Worcestershire area to work through a programme of 6, weekly one hour appointments. The absolute aim and proposed outcome of these sessions is to positively impact on the experience of pain women feel in relation to their chronic pelvic pain. I am offering these 5 women the sessions

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